What's a bail fund?

Lancaster Co. Bail Fund is building on the momentum of bail funds across the country. These community bail funds use a revolving pool of money to post bail for individuals who can't afford to pay. This allows everyone, not just those with the means to pay, to return to their jobs and other community commitments, wait for trial with friends and family and actively assist in preparing their case. While bail funds currently operate by posting bail for those who can't afford to pay, the ultimate goal is to end the unfair system of money bail. 

How does it work?

Our dedicated staff directly posts bail for individuals in need of assistance in the Lincoln/Lancaster area. We regularly review request for assistance and will take requests from individuals currently incarcerated pre-trial, friends or family of an individual who is incarcerated pre-trial, or from community partners. We do have limited resources and cannot directly respond to every request for assistance.

When the individual whose bail was paid for by the Lancaster Co. Bail Fund appears for their court date, their posted bail will be transferred back to the fund. This creates a revolving pool of money and allows the same dollars to help many people. 

In addition to paying bail for those who cannot afford it, we are actively fighting the practice of money bail and debtors' prisons. 

Who do I contact? 

To request assistance paying bail for someone in Lancaster County Jail, please request help here.

We are collecting stories that show how jailing people for not affording bail causes hardship for their families, their employment and their housing. To share your story with us, please click here.

The Lancaster Co. Bail Fund is a project of the ACLU of Nebraska. For press inquiries regarding the bail fund, please contact Heidi Uhing, ACLU of Nebraska communications director.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Lancaster Co. Bail Fund, please send us a message at info@lancastercobailfund.org